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What Is Coze

Introducing A Next Generation Hotel Booking System.

Our team is a talented group who built and maintains the international network of – a company with ties and partnerships within the hotel booking industry.

We are bringing this extensive experience, customer base and network of hotel alliances to Coze; A decentralised Hotel Booking and Rewards platform allowing users to securely book their hotels with no ‘middle-man’ fees and 0% commissions, earning crypto rewards for each booking.

Product Features

Use The Coze Platform To Book Hotels, Earn Rewards And Shop In Our Store.

Book your hotel through the Coze app or website using all major coins and currencies. Using our market integration layer, payments are converted to Coze coins and bookings secured in the decentralised Coze ledger. Once your booking is paid, up to 5% of your booking price is earned in Coze Coins.

Trade your Coze Coins for cash, spend them in the rewards store, or on further hotel bookings.

Market Opportunity

Coze Is At The Forefront Of A Booming Industry.

$24 Billion USD 

Online hotel bookings revenue across all major companies in 2017.


$34 Billion USD

Projected value of the online hotel booking industry by 2021.

Market Leaders

Coze Will Bring Savings Directly To The Customer.

Currently a select few corporations hold monopoly over the hotel booking industry. These corporations charge 30%-40% commissions, plus fees on every booking.

The coze platform cuts out the need for a middle man, and allows you to book directly with the hotel. With 0% commisions and no booking fees – Coze makes travel cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

Trustless Architecture

Let’s Have A Look At How Coze Is Put Together.

  • Front end application (mobile app or website) for the user to search for and book hotels, manage their bookings, access their wallet and rewards.
  • Exchange layer integration allowing payments converted to Coze to sync with the Exchange and Coze ledger.
  • Rewards Protocol through which Coze Coins are rewarded to the user.
  • The decentralised backbone of the Coze platform built on Etheream smart contracts.

Hotel Alliances

Long Lasting Relationships Built On A Solid Foundation.

We have hotel alliances in place for prototype testing the Coze management system during the Alpha release. Our team is constantly expanding and introducing new partnerships to the Coze project.

Learn More

Watch Our Explainer Video.

Follow Tim as he learns more about Coze and books a holiday to Paris!

Ico Crowdsale

The Coze Coin Distribution Schedule.


Coze Coins Are A One Time Emission.

250,000,000 COZE will be issued with 125,000,000 COZE available during the crowdsale.


Private Funding


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ICO Crowdsale


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Max Contribution



Strategic Partners

Dec 4-12, 2017



Public Investors



50 ETH



Public Investors


.01 ETH

Det. by # of registrants

No tokens were sold during the private funding round. Funds distribution is secured via Multi-sig wallet held by team council. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Token Distribution

All Issued Tokens Will Be Distributed As Following.

50 %  ICO crowdsale

3 %  Bounty, bounty manager

8 %  Investors, advisors, contributors

16 %  Team

23 %  Expansion, future hires, development

Pre-Sale Bonus Schedule

Early Investors Earn Bonuses.

See the following table for the pre-sale bonus period and secure yourself guaranteed profits upon launch.

Raised Funds

Distribution Of Funds Raised During The Crowdsale.

All funds raised during the crowdsale will be allocated to support the further growth of Coze in the areas of marketing, worldwide expansion, team, community, app and website development.

Our Roadmap

The Coze Platform Is A Truly Decentralized Economy.

May 2016
Coze idea was born.
Meetings with potential investors and forward planning with several hotel chains across Hong Kong and Singapore.
Autumn 2016
Initial investors secured, capital invested for development of Coze ICO with one goal – to provide a blockchain solution to booking hotels with cryptocurrency rewards.
Spring 2017

Hiring of software developers, started first stages of development of Coze app; Initiate the start of the decentralized application and web platform build; Token is tested and ready for release. White paper has been completed, published and sent out to specific investors, ready for marketing.

Q3-Q4 2018
Pre ICO launch, continuing into ICO launch over 2 month period.
Defining and continued development of the back-end structure of app platform; Initial development of front-end and website platform.
Hiring of vital blockchain developers, sales and marketing employees.
Q1-Q2 2019
Community development: decentralized curation strategy; Further app development and beta testing.
Release of beta application and web platform; Release hotel bookings on the platform; Launch industry promotional activities developing partnerships with key hotel and resort chains.
Q2-Q3 2019
Platform growth: Partnership and expansion in regions; Role and location based database of partners introduced; Partnerships added with hotels in Australia, The Americas, and Europe. Version 1.0 of platform released.
Q3-Q4 2019
Research into other areas within travel which could bring benefits. Analysis and research areas of travel available on the Coze. Possibility to add further booking options (tours & flights) Version 2.0 of platform released.


Global Events

Join Us At These Events And Meet The Coze Team.

Meet The Team

The Minds Behind Coze.

Michal Cole


Michael is a blockchain evangelist and a product designer. A serial entrepreneur for over 8 years, he has founded multiple companies worldwide, including the current TravelCatBookings, a website with over 20 000 subscribers.

Jay M. Jenkins


Previous head of Business Development of a major Australian digital platform – and now Co-Founder of Travel Cat Bookings, Jay has extensive experience in web and mobile app development.  Jay has been an avid investor in crypto projects since 2015.

Robert Li Wei


Coming from an extensive corporate background of over 15 years, Robert has worked for large companies such as Samsung Electronics and KPMG, to small family run businesses. He first moved into Blockchain development in 2014, and has since invested in multiple successful ICO’s.

Benjamin Yang

Blockchain Engineer

Benjamin has been a blockchain enthusiast for over 5 years. After becoming fascinated with Bitcoin and Etherium, he began coding Solidarity. He has contributed to the development and launch of multiple ICO’s.

Trevor Williams

Blockchain Engineer 

Trevor has over 2 years experience implementing highly volume self-storage websites and internal web-based applications. His expertise includes developing prototypes, deploying front-end web applications, server-side processing, solidarity, smart contracts, blockchain architecture, data storage, JavaScript.

Chris Zhou

Lead Designer

A long-term illustrator and graphic designer, Chris prides himself on creating new and exciting designs each and every day. Chris has helped take Coze’s brand towards the future.


Vin Yong

Business Development Manager

Vin is an advisor and professional investor who has mentored dozens of startups with a focus on strategy, business development, and marketing.

Mark R. Smith

Investment Officer

Mark has extensive experience of working for funds and family offices in Europe and Asia. His experience spans legal, fundraising, IPOs, start-ups, direct investment, corporate governance and project management.

Xiongwei Zhao

Software Developer

Xiongwei is a detail-oriented, highly motivated developer with rich programming experience. Enthusiastic about the application of blockchain technology as well as other emerging technologies in IT/ICT field.  Skilled at operating in a wide range of platforms.

Steven Wong

Payments Developer

Steven specialises in developing high-load systems, was in charge of the design of infrastructure for a superb online-game with more than 40.000 daily transactions in the form of internal purchases.

Ben Heah

Mobile Developer

Ben has over 4 years experience in mobile app development. He has managed changes in large scale infrastructures without downtime while customers were actively using the system.

Harsh Sanghvi

Web Developer

Harsh has extensive experience in programming and web development, with skills in HTML5, CSS3,, Javascript (ES6+), D3, React, Node.js,Postgres, AWS and the Serverless framework.

Peter Reid

SaaS Specialist

Peter built up and managed software development ‘Centers of Excellence’ in China, Serbia and Spain in support of a Global Brand supporting four hundred thousand customers. A visionary with expertise in the domains of mobile platforms, mobile application development, web development, both front and back end, in the service of a customer centric suite of services.

Eli Hoskov

Backend Developer

Eli specialises in .NET and C++ development. He has over 7 years of experience in financial systems development.

Vi Wee

Customer Relations Manager

Vi has over 6 years experience in customer service and administration roles.

Chai No

Community Development Officer

Chai is a self-driven IT professional offering on-the-web solution including database design and implementation for business and organization needs He has experience of working on individual and team projects under agile methodology and possess a can-do attitude, excellent leadership qualities, natural problem-solving ability and analytical skills.

Lisa Ying

Community Development Officer

Having worked with multiple high end social media accounts, Lisa has extensive knowledge in social media and community development.

Glen Russo

Legal Advisor

Crypto expert and ICO advisor. Professional and legal consulting with 10+ years experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries.


Coze Makes Travel More Rewarding.

The whitepaper contains more in depth information on the Coze project and development.

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