Private Sale Now Open

Limited Coins Available.

Early contributors receive a 40% coin bonus and access to alpha release testing, direct communication with the founders + more. Click the button below to apply.

235/500 Applicants

You will be redirected to our Private Sale registration page.

50 %  ICO crowdsale

16 %  Team

8 %  Early Contributors (Private Sale)

3 %  Bounty, bounty manager

23 %  Expansion, future hires, development

Bonuses and Distribution

40% Coin Bonus During The Private Sale.

We have had a lot of interest worldwide and as such have opened up a Private Sale to select contributors by application only.

10,000,000 Coins are available to early contributors, and will be sold during the Private Sale with a 40% Bonus.

The raised funds during the Private Sale will be put towards community expansion, hotel partnerships, crypto exchange partnerships, and further development – ensuring an Alpha release before the ICO.

*rate based on 1ETH=$286USD. This rate may be subject to change.

Our Vision

Coze aims to build a sustainable app through a strong community.

The Coze Private Sale is by application only and for select contributors. We welcome early stage investors who believe in Coze and the vision of the project. We are building a fully functional use for our coin within the app, with a sustainable future in a billion dollar industry.

We have had many big offers to purchase a bulk amount of Coze from ‘whale’ contributors. We have turned these down for one reason – we are building Coze to have a real world use with a worldwide community; thus strengthening the functionality of the coin and stability of the app. The more demand and users of the Coze platform will see the coins receive more use. This we can achieve through a strong community of contributors rather than through one large sale.

Join us in creating a future for the hotel booking industry where everyone can travel cheaper.